The school curriculum


Our curriculum is deep-rooted in a philosophy for education that allows all of our children to have the opportunity to access and engage in lessons that are creative, innovative with interconnectivity across subjects.  Our intention is to enable our children to reach high levels of academic, sporting and artistic achievement.


 Subjects are taught in the context of a purposeful and meaningful topic that inspires, excites and enthuses learners, offering them transferrable skills for life-long learning. The progressive curriculum builds upon prior knowledge, challenges thinking and enables a higher level of understanding for long term memory acquisition, storage and retention.


 Each term a Curriculum Newsletter is sent home with more information for parents on a termly basis.  You can see these by looking on the tab 'Curriculum Newsletters'.

You can see these plans by clicking on the links below.


Yearly Curriculum Overviews








Early Years Long Term Overview

         Key Stage 1 Long Term Overview         

Key Stage 2 Long Term Overview