Alkrington Primary School

Alkrington Primary School

A Learning Journey

Cultural Celebration Week -Monday 20th May to Friday 24th May

Community and Contribute Week -Monday 12th February to Friday 16th February

Our children have had the opportunity to make a real difference within our local community this week, as well as learn about many key individuals and organisations, who work to change the lives of local people for the better - each and everyone was awe-inspiring.

Children have relished the opportunity to help improve the local environment by planting trees in local green spaces, with some classes even working with the local Ranger to create a majestic fairy trail in the woods, which will no doubt be enjoyed by local children (and adults) for years to come. 

Learning about the work that the Lighthouse Project do was thought provoking and spurred many children to question how they could help and take action for change.

Throughout the week, we collected items for various Charities - hygiene products for the Hygiene Bank, a charity which aims to ensure everyone has at least the basic hygiene products and every class made food products, which they sold, the profits of which were donated to the homeless charity, Cold Hands, Warm Hearts. 

We are very proud of the contributions our children have made throughout the week and how they have approached every experience in a collaborative and community minded manner.


Be Healthy, Be Safe Week - Monday 16th October to Friday 20th October

It has been a busy last week as we have all got stuck into learning about various things that will make us healthier and keep us safe. We have had a huge array of visitors throughout the week including visitors from the RNLI (to teach the children about water safety), the Red Cross (to teach basic first aid skills), the Dogs Trust (to look at looking after pets safely) and the CO crew (to teach about the dangers of carbon monoxide) to name but a few.

Additionally, staff have delivered a range of lessons to complement the theme. Lessons have included safe hand washing activities, e-safety activities and raising awareness about safe touch. Our Eco-Council even shared tips on how to make the wider world healthier and have set a challenge for the children to try and reduce their carbon footprint.

As well as educating the children about how to be healthy and safe, some children have been lucky enough to enjoy Bollywood dancing sessions - a fabulous way to stay physically healthy. As the week draws to a close, we know that children will have gained some valuable ideas to help them make more positive and healthier choices in the future.

Cultural Celebration Week - Monday 22nd May to Friday 26th May

What an enriching and enlightening week we have had celebrating cultures from around the world. We have been immersed in a wide array of activities, their origins hailing from every corner of the world - Africa, Spain, Asia and even some activities celebrating and exploring the British heritage. Throughout the week, children's rhythm has been awakened as they have learned how to use African drums, danced to Nigerian beats and boogied in the style of real life Bollywood stars. In addition to this, children have devoured a multitude of delicious delicacies from exotic shores - some more readily enjoyed than others. 

We have been extremely lucky to have visitors from a range of cultures to share their experiences of life in Britain and how their culture contrasts with others within our school community.

To reflect upon local culture, the Year 6's participated in an art project, lead by Cartwheel arts. This explored their understanding of what it means to be a young person in Rochdale today and their view of what the future looks like for our community. The amount of learning we have done this week about others and how different cultures are represented within our community, is astounding and it has highlighted just how lucky we are to have such a rich and diverse community within our school - it has been a wonderfully uplifting week!