Alkrington Primary School

Alkrington Primary School

A Learning Journey



In the EYFS we take great pride in providing a stimulating and enriching learning environment. We change it on a regular basis to reflect the children’s learning. Our aim is to provide opportunities for the children to explore, engage and discover. Our areas are set up with a variety of resources so the children can be creative learners and use the resources in their own unique ways. We also have activities set up for the children to complete and these reflect their learning so they can apply new skills they have learnt.

Please have a look at our high-quality provision:
Our Classrooms

We have two classrooms and an outside area. You are very lucky because you get to learn in all of them. We plan lots of fun activities and sometimes we like to get messy.


Reading Area

We have lots of books in this area.
You can read a book, make up your own story, use the puppets or just relax.


Writing Area

We have two mark making areas. You can draw and write in these areas. We have lots of different pens and paper for you to use. You can make your own stories to read to your friends and you can explore the letters we use to write.


Maths Area

We learn all about numbers, shapes, time and counting in this area.


Sand Area

This is the sand area. We have lots of different things for you to use in the sand. We have spades, buckets, animals, shells and much more. Do you think you could build a sand castle?


Water Area

This is our water area. We like to put different things in the water to make it interesting. You must remember to put an apron on.


Investigation Area

In our Investigation Area we are able to explore by digging, exploring and investigating. We have lots of resources for you to explore our wonderful world.


Malleable Area

This is the area where we get messy. You will be able to play with playdough, moon sand, shaving foam, gloop and much more in this area.


Construction Area

This is our construction area. You can build amazing things in here. The tricky part is trying to get all the blocks back in the right place at tidy up time.


Creative Area

This is our creative area. You can come here to get messy and paint pictures for your family. You can also glue, stick, cut, colour and create masterpieces. We display your amazing pictures in the frames on the wall.


Snack Area

This is our snack area. You can choose when you want to eat your snack. But you can only have one and you must wash your hands before you eat it and put rubbish in the bin.


Music Area

This is our music area. We have lots of different instruments for you to play. You and your friends can make your own band and perform for the rest of the class.


Small World Area

This is our small world area. This area changes every half term depending on our topic. We have lots of different figures for you to play with. You can make up stories and act them out using the different resources.


Home Corner

This is where you can role play families. You can cook some delicious food, do the dishes and look after the babies and the pets.