Parents' Evening October 2019

During the evening there will be chance for parents/carers to help us to improve our school by responding to the Annual Parents' Questionnaire.  This can be done via the link on the iPads that School Councillors will be sharing.  It is also possible to access the questionnaire online via the link below - active from Wednesday 9th October and for a short time thereafter: 


Summary of Parents' Questionnaire from October 2018

Comments from Parents' Questionnaire October 2018


Summary of Parental Questionnaire October 2017

Comments from Parental Questionnaire October 2017


Summary of Parental Questionnaire March 2014

Summary of Parental Questionnaire October 2014

Summary of Parent Survey March 2015

Summary of Parent Survey October 2015

Summary of additional comments in October 2015 Survey

Summary of Parent Questionnaire 2016