Alkrington are Middleton Primary Schools Cross Country Champions 2017/2018!

The children competed in the final race of the Cross Country season at St Marys Primary School and were brilliant as always. Alkrington had a great turnout yet again, taking a coach with over 50 children to the event.

Over the 5 races, Alkrington won the year 3 and year 5 races comfortably, however, the year 6's narrowly missed out winning their year group by one point.

Overall (combining every year groups tallies) Alkrington came 1st place in the league. Winning 4 of the 5 events and giving us the highest average amount of points - scoring 23.4 out of 25 points. 

Well done to everybody involved! Thank you to all the staff who helped at the events and training.

House Cross Country Competition 2017/2018

Congratulations to Assheton, overall winners for 2017.  The individual winners were:

Y2 Boys                                                        Y2 Girls

  1. Thomas Ibbott                                          1. Hope Hill
  2. Joshua Godfrey                                        2. Chloe Millar
  3. Jayden Godwin                                        3. Mayowa Fadahunsi

Y3 Boys                                                        Y3 Girls

  1. Ethan McGovern                                      1. Grace Foster
  2. Dylan Ramos                                            2. Amelia Frater
  3. George Ireland                                         3. Tilly Heil

Y4 Boys                                                         Y4 Girls

  1. Lucas Hadnum                                           1. Blossom Peters
  2. Jack McLean                                              2. Santel Kalolo
  3. Emmanuel Ohene                                      3. Ayelynne Johnston

Y5 Boys                                                         Y5 Girls

  1. Matthew Ireland                                          1. Niamh Dolan
  2. Louis Kagame                                             2. Molly Judge
  3. Toby Farrington                                           3. Zeina Kalifa

Y6 Boys                                                          Y6 Girls

  1. Yasin Al-Abbas                                            1. Nesly Esposito
  2. Joe McPeake-Ibbott                                    2. Fawziah Khalifa
  3. Kai Robinson-Clark                                     3. Eva Edmond

Cross Country League 2016/2017

Alkrington Primary continued their fantastic cross country success this year coming 2nd overall in the league. We had over 50 children participating in each race and represented the school superbly.

How it works

As many children from each school and each year group can take part. The top two children from each year group and each gender add their positions together. For example if the top two girls in year 3 finish 1st and 2nd they score 3 points for school. The less points scored the better for the league standings.


Congratulations to all pupils involved in cross country. Thank you also to all the staff and parents who have contributed to the success.


House Cross country

All pupils from year 2 up to year 6 took part in house cross country. This was a fantastic event and the weather was amazing. Here are some pictures of the event and the medal ceremony.