Some of our Y1 children were caught out by the strong sunshine on their trip to Lytham, St Anne's. Therefore, I remind you all that on these summer days, especially those when the weather is bright, please give your child a good coating of sun cream, before they come to school.

On the day of a trip, and in the coming weeks there are quite a few, when they may be exposed to the sun for longer periods, they will need sun cream, coverings for delicate skin and a hat.

Year 4 swim in a sea of plastic

 To raise awareness about the challenges that our plastic pollution presents to sea life, Year 4 filled the small pool at Middleton Arena with plastic bottles and bags and swan through. The children throughly enjoyed the activity, but also realised how difficult this could make life for any living creatures caught up in this mess. 

End of Year Award Winners 2019

Congratulations to our award winners for 2018 - 2019.  They were presented with their award on Tuesday evening.  Full list of winners R to Y5 is below: