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Attendance at Governing Board Meetings

The following Governors have attended meetings from September 2017

Curriculum Committee  27th September 2017

Tim Barnes, Mike Farrington (Chair) Lynda Muir, Louise Oxley Parnell, Andrew Nott (Observer)

Resources Committee  4th October 2017

Mr Barnes, Mr Nott, Mr Ibbott (Chair), Mrs Cresswell, Mr Farrington, Mr Mountford, Mr Bell, Mrs Muir, Mr Chadwick

Personnel and Pay Implementation Committee 17th October 2017

Tim Barnes, Andrew Bell (Chair), Lynda Muir

Full Governing Board Meeting on 22nd November 2017

Mr I Chadwick   Chair of Governors, T Barnes, A Bell, M Farrington, C Ibbott, J Mountford, L Muir, L Williamson, Mr Nott (Observer)

Curriculum Committee 13th December 2017

Mr Barnes, Mr Ibbott, Mrs Muir, Mrs Williamson, Mr Nott (Observer)

 Resources Committee 10th January 2018

Andrew Nott and Siobhan Cresswell ( Observers ), Chris Ibbott, Lynda Muir, James Mountford, and Bob Adams from Rochdale LA.