School Aims

To have a school where;

  • —  Children become independent, confident individuals with a love of learning;
  • —  Children excel in their learning and achievement and make rapid progress from their starting points
  • —  Children engage fully in a rich and varied range of experiences, providing skills for life;
  • —  Children show respect and tolerance;
  • —  Learning and teaching are at the heart of everything;
  • —  We reward achievement and recognise the successes of our pupils;
  • —  There are consistently high expectations for all but where academic achievement is not the only measure of success;
  • —  We work closely with parents and the wider community for the success of those who matter most of all in our school:  Our children


Ethos & Values

Our school ethos and school values are contained within our school prospectus along with our '4 Rights' which are

  • Every teacher has a right to teach
  • All pupils have a right to learn
  • Everyone has a right to safety
  • Everyone has a right to fair treatment.

Please click the link to our school prospectus


School Prospectus